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The shroom
And they lived their own slightly bizarre version
of happily ever after ... Dancer

Welcome to Phinney's Place ... Dale and Pat. We found this place quite a few years back when, for some reason, we'd decided to take a pass on the tour for a while. Probably the rugrats ( Gwen & Robert ) had something to do with it. Anyway, Cowboy Neal dropped us off just down the road and while kicking along, we came across this caterpillar dude in the middle of the road setting on a mushroom. Now, we've seen caterpillars smoking hookahs before (children of the sixties and all that). So, we struck up a conversation. After a few minutes, he sort of faded away (or was that the cat?). Anyway, he still drops in on occasion and makes us glad that we took his advice to stay (took the shroom too).

The bus doesn't run like it once did, in fact it's up on blocks somewhere and being sold for parts. Every once in a while somebody stumbles out of the mountains to the North muttering about Shangri-la. Don't know, I've checked the Weminuche pretty carefully on foot, but nothing yet. Pat would rather go on horseback, but the result's the same. Anyway, wander around and have fun. Ah, any odd smells in the air are probably from the cats. Yeah, that's it.) ... at least until we get to know you better.

Toward the second star on the right, and then straight on 'till morning

God Bless The Freaks
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